Case Study 3

Listening to both the employer and the employees.

Eolas Wellbeing was recently invited to deliver a financial wellbeing programme to one of Ireland’s best known companies. As an employer proud of their recognition as one of Ireland’s greatest places to work, they were anxious to introduce a financial aspect to their overall wellbeing programme, but did not know what would best suit their workplace or their employees.

Eolas Wellbeing initially met with the employer to discuss their objectives for the work we were undertaking together. Arising from those initial discussions, and taking into account the size of the workplace, approximately 300 employees, and the shift patterns involved, as well the fact that the finance piece was a new initiative for this employer, Eolas Wellbeing proposed a very flexible approach. Day 1 was used to generate momentum behind the initiative through the delivery of a full day of general Financial Wellbeing seminars, the feedback from which was then used to drive both the structure and the agenda for Days 2 and 3, which were deliberately held about a week later.

As there was a huge response in particular to some of the areas covered during the initial seminars, Days 2 and 3 were then tailored to provide a mix of:

• Specialised workshops on some of the key topics from the general seminars, and

• One to One clinics designed to allow employees to raised their own specific queries with financial professionals , all of which were fully subscribed.

As a result of taking this approach, the employer ensured that the delivery of the initiative was in keeping with what their employees wanted, rather than being a mere box ticking exercise, and the feedback has been so strong that Eolas Wellbeing are now in discussions with sister sites of this employer to deliver the same type of programme to them.