Case Study 1

Assisting with Change Management

Eolas Wellbeing was requested to assist a large employer in the implementation of a change management process whereby the employer was changing their pay cycle from weekly to monthly payments. The employer was determined that affected staff be educated on how this change would be implemented by the employer and how staff’s personal finances could be impacted.

As well as informing their staff on the salary transition process, the employer wished to incorporate a seminar providing money management techniques thereby providing as much assistance to their staff during this process. The employer was anxious to provide staff with the facility of private follow up consultations in the event that any staff member had concerns or queries regarding their personal/family finances as a result of this change.

Once the employer’s requirements were clearly determined, Eolas Wellbeing prepared a tailored Salary Transition Seminar which incorporated all of the employer’s specified requirements. These short, on-site seminars were delivered over the course of a full day at times determined most suitable by the employer and the response received from attendees was extremely positive.

Following the initial seminar day, we provided staff members with an opportunity to meet with us confidentially, on a one-to-one basis, in order to discuss their personal queries following the announcement of the salary transitioning process. This follow up day proved to be invaluable to employees in providing access to professional financial planners providing expertise and personalised advice on areas such as budgeting, taxation, banking and general money management techniques.

By providing such support and resources to staff in advance of implementing the salary transition process, the employer has received much praise and positive feedback from staff. Eolas was delighted to have assisted this employer within the implementation process of their salary transition process and we now look forward to engaging with them on a regular basis into the future.