Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Assisting with Change Management

Eolas Wellbeing was requested to assist a large employer in the implementation of a change management process whereby the employer was changing their pay cycle from weekly to monthly payments…. more>>

Case 2 – Incorporating Financial Wellbeing into Employer Initiatives

Eolas Wellbeing was recently invited to participate in an employer’s Wellbeing Week initiative whereby a series of seminars were organised for staff based on various topics of interest. The employer requested Eolas to prepare a presentation …. more>>

Case Study 3 – Listening to both the employer and the employees

Eolas Wellbeing was recently invited to deliver a financial wellbeing programme to one of Ireland’s best known companies. As an employer proud of their recognition as one of Ireland’s greatest places to work, they were anxious to introduce a financial aspect to their overall wellbeing programme, but did not know what would best suit their workplace or their employees. ….more>>