Financial Wellbeing Employer Initiatives

Incorporating Financial Wellbeing into Employer Initiatives.

Eolas Wellbeing was recently invited to participate in an employer’s Wellbeing Week initiative whereby a series of seminars were organized for staff based on various topics of interest. The employer requested Eolas to prepare a presentation titled Financial Management – Achieving Personal Financial Wellbeing.

Eolas discussed the objectives of the seminar with the employer so that we had a clear understanding of what the employer wanted to achieve from the seminar and where it would fit best for them as part of their Wellbeing Week. This allowed Eolas Wellbeing to prepare a tailored presentation that achieved the objectives set by the employer.

Eolas Wellbeing also obtained an understanding from the employer as to the typical benefits provided to employees. This information allowed Eolas Wellbeing to incorporate all the employers’ benefits within the ten elements model and this provided a number of benefits for both the staff and the employer:

For Employer:

* The feedback received by the employer from the staff was very complimentary and this has created a feeling of goodwill between both parties,

* The seminar, presented by an independent third party, reminded staff of the benefits provided to them by their employer,

* Staff engaged with the employer on areas of interest for future initiatives thereby allowing the employer to further engage and maintain positivity.

For Employees:

* The seminar provided staff with tips and advice on managing all ten elements of their money in a structured and integrated approach,

* Illustrated the importance of reviewing employee’s personal finances to avoid duplicating financial products once an employee considers the benefits provided to them by their employer which can invariably lead to savings for the employees,

* Provided staff with the opportunity the ask financial questions to professional financial