Group Pensions Plans

How do Eolas Wellbeing help your company when it comes to Group Pension Plans? 

Eolas Wellbeing helps employers to design and implement Group Pension Plans for employees. Via our independent financial planning arm, Eolas Money, we source the market to identify and set up the most appropriate plan for you and your employees.

Benefits of engaging Eolas Wellbeing:

  1. We oversee the day to day running of the scheme to minimise the administrative burden to you, the employer.
  2. We hold Annual Pension Review Clinics in your workplace for employees to allow for changes in circumstances, salaries, attitude to risk etc., and to manage queries that may arise.

We also provide bespoke rather than generic financial planning guidance for employees on their risk profile, fund options, contribution levels, tax savings etc.,

  1. We provide you with a clear & transparent charging structure for the set-up, administration and review of your group pension scheme.


What are Group Pensions?

Group pensions are typically a defined contribution pension arrangement which employers can offer to their workers as an employment benefit. Members of group pensions build up a personal pension pot via personal contributions, employer contributions and avail of tax benefits. At retirement, members then convert into tax free income and ongoing income into retirement.

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