Individual Employee Clinics

Eolas_money_team-300x267Our 1:1 clinics can be organised in conjunction with any of our group seminars or on a standalone basis and they provide your employees with the opportunity to discuss their personal finance queries with our Financial Wellbeing experts through confidential 1:1 meeting during working hours.

The agenda for these 1:1 clinics is set by the employee as they may have a personal query following attendance at any of the seminars mentioned previously or they may simply require some financial planning advice. Either way, our Financial Wellbeing experts will be happy to assist your employees with whatever financial query or concern they may have. We offer a number of different options to employers wishing to avail of our Individual 1:1 Employee Clinics, ranging from short 20 minute sessions to 1 hour sessions per employee. We will discuss your specific requirements with you during our initial meeting and our Individual 1:1 Employee Clinics can then be delivered over full or half day sessions to suit you and your employees.