Taxation Workshops

tax seminar

Our Tax Workshops and Clinics are designed to provide your employees with practical and easy to understand advice on their PAYE, PRSI and USC payslip deductions, as well as a broad outline of how their tax liability is calculated. Our Tax sessions provide practical guidance on the tax credit system, making claims for tax refunds, completing taxation forms tax refund deadlines, in order to help your employees keep their tax liability to a minimum and ensure they do not leave any potential over-payments unclaimed. In addition, for those employees offering share purchase schemes to employees, we give an overview of the Capital Gains Tax system.


These tax sessions also provide employees with the opportunity to have their taxation queries answered by our Financial Wellbeing experts. The topics covered during the Tax sessions include:

  • Understanding Your Payslip and the various tax related deductions
  • Completing a Taxation Return
  • Claiming Tax Credits & Allowances
  • Knowing Relevant Tax Deadlines
  • How to declare Non-PAYE Incomes
  • How CGT works and how to keep your CGT liability to a minimum

We offer two different options to employers wishing to avail of our Tax Wellbeing programmes, either small group workshops, or individual 1:1 clinics. We will discuss your specific requirements with you during our initial meeting and our workshops and/or clinics can then be delivered over full or half day sessions to suit you and your employees.